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A Thank You Note from Abhirup

When we reflect back with our CC2020 – how we all have started before pandemic and where we wrap up this year – it’s a momentous journey. Amidst the dynamicity of covid environment and a most challenging global year, our CC has excelled in many ways. Not an easy job to accomplish. We took the effort to do everything possibly virtually and adapted to the new world. We stayed vigilant, safe and yet worked together as a team to make key events a success.

The beautiful cultural programs by our cultural coordinator Mrs. Arati Saha to keep us in joyous mood and staying entertained is much appreciable. Debajyoti’s relentless email efforts for reaching out to community with e-invites, agenda and events is commendable. Shyamali di coordinated Pujos and organized Maa Durga’s blessings for us virtually inspite of such extreme challenges. Her subcommitte deserves much praise. Chayan’s new role to organize zoom for each event made him a zoom expert along with online publications this year. And within all this, Shubhojit’s coordination with his subcommittee to get Nashville devotees BAGN sponsored Sunday Temple Prasad maintaining all safety protocols is very much commendable. Last but not the least, Anindya daa’s leadership to steer our BAGN organization through such new and unique situations deserves kudos and much appreciation.

Because of their relentless effort, we as a community were able to stay tuned to our BAGN Sarbajaneen Bengali culture – no matter where we were physically for last 12 months. We all felt connected as a social unit through our BAGN zoom world.
We all as a team have come together to bring and deliver our best. It’s not an easy task as we all have experienced. It’s nostalgic today as some folks will leave our CC. Yet we have learned from our esteemed CC members. Our journey together has created unique bondings and invaluable memories to talk for ages in BAGN Future…

Hopefully soon we can meet in person with our new CC team and take the next task of normalizing the new normal.
Nevertheless – these yaadein / lamhe/ smriti will stay for ever with us. এই মুহূর্ত এবং স্মৃতি চিরকাল থাকবে!

Thank you ?
Treasurer, BAGN CC 2020-2021