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Events for Member Only

March- Election and General Body meeting: This is the event where members elect the office bearers through an open and fair democratic process. They also take important decisions regarding the association.
Other General Body meetings: As described in the Constitution in article 6B, there are also few other General Body meetings throughout the year for democratic functioning of the organization. They are restricted to members only.

(From the Constitution)

Article 6: Meeting and Business

B. The CC will call the General Body meeting at least two times in a year, excluding the Election Day. One General Body meeting will be held on the Picnic Day either around the month of May or at any other suitable date at the sole discretion of the CC for the planning of activities of the new fiscal year. At this meeting, the out-going ex-Treasurer will present the year-ending account, along with the audit report for approval and the new Treasurer will propose the budget for the current fiscal year for the approval by the majority of the members of the General Body. There will be another General Body meeting, at least three months before Durga Puja, where main discussion shall be on matters of Durga Puja celebration. Durga Puja is the main festival of the year. This important meeting is to encourage general members for their active involvement and constructive input. General Body can suggest additional members in the Functional Committee for the function.