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Message from BAGN Chairperson on October 19, 2011

Dear members and friends of BAGN,

Here are some updates about our works on finding/developing BAGN’s own facility. Three properties were visited by some founder members on 10/09/11 and one of them has been considered by the members on the basis of BAGN’s present and future interest, its price, location and the safety of the members’ families. Though the Real Estate market is very down still if you do visit any property then either you have to say, “No” or to give them an “Offer”. In this situation BAGN CC can’t do any thing further without GB’s approval so BAGN CC is calling an Emergency GB meeting on Sunday , November 13, 2011, at 2pm-4pm to discuss about the property

The venue of the GB meeting is Prasadam Hall, Sri Ganesha Temple.

To discuss properly about the exciting building, open land, its uses, maintenance, present and future interest of BAGN, its price, CD money and the loan Guaranter etc, all members, non-members and friends of BAGN are requested to visit the land before the meeting. Arup Bandyopadhyay has set up the timings with the Realtor to visit the land as below:
Address- 7447 Old Charlotte Pike
Nashville, TN 37209
(1.6 miles from temple)

Dates – 10/23/11 (Sunday) & 10/30/11 (Sunday)

Time- 2:00pm- 4:00pm for the both days
For any detail, contact Arup Bandyopadhyay to- 615-337-6636 (cell)

Please visit the land as a priority and join the meeting with positive thinking.

It is an important issue.

I want to clarify some points behind the project that why do we needed it in this year ?

1. BAGN community is growing and CC is facing to find a place where fits more than 125 people with our non-vegetarian food.
2. Many places have raised the rents and are also asking for Metro Police @$50.00 per hour for the security of members.
3. This is a good time to buy any property due to low interest rate and negotiable price
4. BAGN’s members have reserved the CD deposits for buying BAGN’s own land for last 18 years, some one has to start. This year’s CC is strong, active and enthusiastic so took the initiative to fulfill the long term desire of all senior members without any delay.


1. To store our inventories, freedom of Event dates, to get in or get out timings, to cook the food together to save money in long run as well as in an enjoyable way.
2. To have our meetings, rehearsals, Gharoya Jalsa and all other events round the year.
3. To protect environment by reducing the use of paper products and save money.


Payments of yearly total rents is not the main fact; to have our own place is our prestige, our progress, our freedom and long term savings as well as benefits.

Thanks and regards,
Shyamali Ghosh
Chairperson, BAGN