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Dear BAGN members,

On behalf of the CC, I wish you all Subho Noborsher preeti o subhechchha.

The CC is pleased to arrange an ensemble of three guest artists for our Poila Baisakh on the 4th May at GNUUC. In view of this added event, and to generate some funds to pay the artist, the total fee for the event is now raised to $10 per person – $5 for food and $5 for artist expenses. I hope the members will understand. CC will waive the fee for those who join as new members to BAGN.

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22nd March, Saturday, 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Dinner will follow

I will be sending an Evite shortly for the event. Do reply to it promptly and no later than 3 days prior to the program. We also request this time, and henceforth, that attendees mention their food preference in three categories as  – veg, non-veg (meat) and non-veg (fish). Note that these categories are exclusive to each other. It need not be mentioned that this will help tremendously in serving you well.


Ranjan Chanda
BAGN Secretary 2014-2015a